The ‘Joys’ of Owning Goats
Family friendly farm stay
08 Oct

We’ve all seen them; those YouTube videos of baby goats prancing around, jumping over logs, playing in the paddock. We’ve […]

When Animals Do What Nature Intended
Ducks on the dam
21 Oct

When you have farm animals, especially when you have both male and female of a species in the same paddock […]

There is a Season. . .
Perth Farm stay South West Western Australia
10 Sep

Like that old Seekers song on a farm there is a season for everything. Everything that happens, happens at certain […]

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!
Farm Stay Accommodation Pemberton Western Australia
27 May

  You never really pay much attention to the weather until you become a farmer. Then your whole world revolves […]

What’s in a Name?
Real Farm Experience Manjimup Accommodation Perth Farm Stay
22 Mar

Coming up with names for newborns can be pretty hard, especially if you have half a dozen newborns in one […]