Fencing: A one off farm chore…or not…
Southern Forest Farm Stay Family Friendly
12 Jan

Foxes: How my view on them has changed since I moved to a farm.
Exotic birds Pemebrton Farm Stay Accommodation
19 Dec

It’s Cherry Time of Year
Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival
14 Nov

Where The Sand Meets The Forest: Yeagarup Dunes
Yeagarup Dunes Pemberton
09 Oct

How Hard Can It Be To Breed Rabbits?
Southern Forest Farm Stay Family Friendly Accommodation
03 Oct

Rabbits breed like…well….rabbits, implying that breeding rabbits isn’t all that hard. Rabbits should just do it all themselves and if […]

Spring is here….I think…
Wildflowers of Pemberton Farm Stay Accommodation
25 Sep

The season has changed and we have said goodbye to winter…sort of…. and we are looking forward to warmer days. But […]